Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day three!

Bonjour tout le monde! So today was a very low key day because none of us woke up till past 2 in in the afternoon haha. All of us were up until around 5 in the morning. Jetlag still hasn't left us. So once we finally all got ourselves up and moving we decided to take a little walk downtown and take the métro to la place de Sainte-Anne (which is definately NOT a fun walk if you don't take the metro!!)
So from there we were all craving some café au lait and wanted to find a little cafe or restaurant to appease to our craving. We walked around for a good forty five minutes or so unfortunately because Sundays in France are very boring, and nothing tends to be open. So we finally found a little pub called O'Connells run by these two Irish blokes who were possibly the nicest Irishmen we had ever met. We had our cafe au lait and the irish bloke we ordered our drinks from ended up being very, very helpful and gave us some maps to the city, a menu to the restaurant we eventually had dinner at, and also some useful information that Monday nights at O'Connel's is English night!
So having waited till our restaurant opened we went about a block down and found the sweetest most adorable, jazz-themed Italian restaurant called Papa Mia. Let's just say the Fucci's would be very proud! The décor consisted of a lot of jazzy paintings, delicately hand-blown glass chandeliers, and old books that lined the wooden beamed walls. When we ordered our pasta none of us were surprised to find that it was absolutely delicious and the wine of course was matched perfectly with our choice of food. At the end of the meal we all knew we wanted dessert and it was obvious that whatever we chose would be excellent. In the end we chose the crème brouillée and, just like in the movie Emelie, we cracked the shell. Perfection comes in many forms I think, and I can definately say that it resides in this French dish. We all felt extremely happy and pleasently full so we paid for our meals and went on our way to find the métro again.
One thing we learned on our little excursion is that it is better to be safe than sorry! The métro is just like any other train station, you buy your ticket, and either electronically or physically, the ticket is stamped. We had a bit of a run in when we found out that sometimes the people in charge of running the métro will just randomly come aboard and check to see that everyone has their ticket with them. Today happened to be one of those days, and we were extremely glad we had found an extra ticket hidden in Kayla's wallet. Otherwise we might "avoir des ennuis'.... deep doo doo. So here we are, day three down and about 200 and something left to go! Tomorrow is our orientation for classes so I will be finding out what classes I will be taking, and when they are at. a tout a l'heure, et a bientôt pour la jour prochaine!

mon adresse!

So for my family and friends, if you all want to send me a letter or anything I am posting my address for you all! It's kind of weird, but just copy it as is and you should be fine!

Résidence universitaire
Square de Normandie - CS 31002
35010 RENNES Cedex