Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paris je t'aime

So once again I found myself too busy to write, so now I am catching up! First I would like to say that I had a visiter come and see me who happens to be the love of my life, and I couldn't have been happier! My boyfriend came to visit me for ten days at the end of March and I was running around everywhere! It started off as me having to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a train at 06:00, and going to Paris to pick him up at the massive and confusing Charles de Gaulle airport. Once I got there, after getting lost in the airport for a good 15 minutes, I managed to find the arrivals section and waited impatiently for Joe to arrive. It's weird calling him Joe, but for the sheer sake of keeping it simple, Joe he will be. :p. So He finally arrived off the plane and I was exstatic after not seeing anyone from home for over 2 months. From the airport our ridiculous adventure began. We took the bus to the part in which I knew our hotel was located, which wasn't too big of a deal, but then after getting off the bus too early, we managed to land ourselves in the typical tourist position. We wandered about trying to figure out maps and destination spots, ran into a lot of Parisiens who had no idea where our hotel was and they kept leading us in the completely opposite direction. Finally we cracked under pressure, well Joe did seeing as he was carrying a 50 pound bag, and we called for a taxi.
A quick hint for when you are in a big city with a lot of traffic and congestion; don't take a taxi unless you are willing to throw money away, or in our case, you have a lot of luggage and can't take the bus. So we took a taxi out of sheer desperation and it ended up being about 5 minutes down the road, with traffic. So our hotel was literally in the smallest street ever, it was no wonder that people were confused when we asked them where it was. So we finally got inside, rested up a bit because Joe's arms were about to fall off, and I skimmed through the giant bag of goodies my parents had packed in the bag with the rest of Joe's luggage. One thing you will find while'st in Europe.... the lack of simple American pleasures one cannot have. For example: peanut butter, recees cups, ramen noodles, goldfish and mac n cheese. Ah those tasty treats are almost gone as I write this... tragic. So anywho, on with Paris.....
After our rest,we did the typical tourist thing and wandered about Paris in search of what else but the main attractions that are free to take pictures of! So we started our typical roam through Paris by wandering up the Champs Elysees and checking out that lovely monument the French dedicated to the lost soldiers in the war.... I'm talking about of course the Arc de Triomphe. It really is a wonderful piece of architecture. I have never seen anything so huge with so much detail! It was like staring right through history as we looked at all the names of the soldiers, and the firepit that they have lit all the time was surrounded by tons of flowers left there by anonymous frenchmen. So after joining the crowds of Asian and American tourists taking pictures, we spotted that everlasting symbol of France in the distance, and made our way to what else, but the infamous Tour Eiffel.... the Eiffel Tower. At last! Oh how many years I spent staring aimlessly at posters of this masterful monument, and making pitiful whining noises everytime I saw it in a movie or media hype. I was happier then ever as we walked a good 2 kilometers towards the metal masterpiece. Joe made fun of me as I squeeled and skipped towards it, but I really haven't seen anything so magnificant upclose and personal before. It's rather an ugly looking thing as your get close to it, but when that frenchman decided to build that bit of architecture, he did the world some good. It was one of a kind, and at any angle I took a picture, I was making art and I, like many others, felt like a photographer in the making.
Seeing as I am madly in love with both the Eiffel Tower and that cute Italian boy I took along with me, it only made sense to take pictures of the both of them at the same time, and the extreme joy I had at having them both with me in the same moment in reality. Thus, I took what could be my favorite picture of all time. The stereotypical,gushy, mushy, love-ridden, romance attracting kiss in front of the monument itself. Ah, l'amore. I can now check that off my list of what to do with my life. Check. So after having that special moment in my life, we walked around Paris some more and went back to our hotel for a much needed nap. Well, Joe napped, I munched on goldfish while watching French television. Great combo if you ask me.... So by now you may need a break from reading so I am going to make a part two. What's in store for everyone? Well I'll leave you with some images... Joe's first bite of French food, a very hectic morning and our arrival in Rennes, and Joe's tries the one bit of French culture that no other country can compare with... cheese. Au revoir, et a bientot pour la jour prochaine!