Thursday, March 11, 2010

I know.... i've been lazy

Okay, so I know that it has been a few weeks since I have written on this, and I do apologize, it's been kinda hectic! So to start off, I'd like to say that I went into an extreme state of home sickness. I was really upset to hear about all the crazy weather crisis's going on in the states, and I got all worried and upset because I kept seeing these horrific headlines and news stories online, and from my friends and family. So this home sickness thing was going on while I was in.... Ireland!! I know, how amazing?
Ireland is possibly the nicest place to vacation in my opinion because not only are the people these super nice and extremely fun to hangout with, but the scenery there is beautiful! Me and the girls were all in shock when we saw daylight in Ireland because we have never seen such amazing scenery! The mountains were lightly dusted with snow when we were on our busride to BallyVaughn (the town we stayed in) and we saw numerous amounts of cows, sheep, and horses roaming freely about the countryside. It was really cool to see all the old stone walls too! They were EVERYWHERE! Every piece of property was shaped around these stone walls, and the mountains themselves were just pure rock.
We stayed with a group of people in a little house about a 1/2 km down the road (don't worry i'll use miles when I'm back in the states ;)and we got to meet some pretty awesome art students! The first day, when we arrived in B.Vaughn, we started out by getting a mini tour from our friend and then he had to leave to get back to class; none of the other attendants were home yet. So we took one look at the messy kitchen and bedroom and decided it was our personal duty to clean every inch of them. It was exactly like in Snow White when all the animal friends come to help clean, though in our case it was just two horses nextdoor :p. So after cleaning we played a crazy game of B.S and sipped our "tea" and spoke french to eachother. Within the next few hours we were yelling in french obnoxiously and the dwarfs came home from the mine. "Hi! We cleaned your kitchen!" were basically our first words as we met them, and they seemed to be in shock by the 4 random girls sitting at their kitchen table sipping drinks from teacups and playing cards.
After getting to know them after a bit, we all decided to go out and see the nightlife in B.Vaughn. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up in 3 different pubs to check out what they each had to offer, and then it was back to the house to get some much needed rest. The next day we all wanted to get out and explore so we went and visited the Fairy Forts that were just a few km's down the road. We had so much fun taking pictures and seeing the views from above! After the Fairy Forts we visited the Alwee Caves which were inside the mountain itself, and we had a tourguide show us around the dark and dripping caves. The caves were so cool to be in, and at one point the tourguide made us shut off all lights and cameras so we just stood in complete and utter darkness for a good 5 minutes. It was really bizarre not being able to adjust my eyes to the light, and he explained that there was no natural light and no matter how hard you try to squint and stare at your hand in front of your face, you are not actually seeing your hand, it's the illusion your mind has made up because it wants to see it. Cool, right?
Once out of the caves and back into the sunlight, we set out to the giftshop and bought some really amazing cheese, different gifts for our friends and family, and some delicious fudge. We walked home after this and decided to plan out the rest of the night and what to do. We went to a pub where, in my opinion, was truly awesome because the owner had met the actor Daniel Radcliffe, and as I'm a serious Harry Potter nerd I was so very happy, and she even showed me a picture of him with her kids. I wish i were those kids so bad! She then went on to explain that his girlfriend's parents live in B.Vaughn and he visits sometimes. AH! How amazing is that???
Once back at the house after our pub excursion we decided to have a "dance party" and blast the music and dance till we couldn't dance no more! It was a blast and we all ended up being extremely tired the next day, and very sore from all the dancing and walking back and forth. The next day we wanted to get out of B.Vaughn and check out Galway, which is a really really fun city about an hour away from where we were. We had the most amazing fish and chips at a popular restaurant in the city and amused ourselves by drawing on the paper fish fact placemats that were in front of us. From there we went back to our hostel called, "the sleep zone" and tried this extremely weird wine called "Buckfest"... it had caffiene in it and was really not my cup of tea! So from there we checked out a club in the city and danced, and danced, and danced! Not one of us in the group wanted to stop when they closed the club at around 2 or 3 in the morning.
The next morning we all woke up, rather reluctantly and had to catch the bus back to B. Vaughn by 10:30. So we checked out and grabbed some food at Subway (I know weird) and then we were on our way back to our town. Since the four of us were living off our hosts food, we decided to buy them back what we ate and drank and then went back to the house to take naps and organize what we were going to do that night as well. In the end we decided to go back to one of the more popular pubs where they had live irish music, and lots of interesting people to see. We danced to some irish tunes and watched rugby on the tv above the bar. What a fun sport!! I especially like the fact that there is no stopping every 5 seconds and the guys are pretty cool too ;).
The next day was our last day so we wanted to make sure we got everything done that we wanted. A few of us decided to go back to the giftshop outside of the caves to get more cheese and stuff to send back to our families (at least try to send back) and once back at the house we were all bombarded by a few of the art students to take a polar dip. I did not contribute to this because I can barely take a cold shower. haha. So most of the people there (all the art students) led us to this secluded stretch of beach about an hour away (by foot) and there we met some really cool animals. My friend Woody the horse, and donkey... the donkey haha. They were very nice and let us pet them. Then woody started trying to eat our clothes and stuff so we had to make them go find something else to eat. During the zoo time, the member of the polar dip decided to run into the ocean in either in underwear or their birthday suits, and I had the happy job of taking pictures since I was definitely not going to catch hypothermia!
After the crazy kids were done with their dip we warmed them up and started for the long trek back to the town. We decided to check out the art students work up at the school,and ended up seeing some really amazing stuff, as well as our friend's work which were both absolutely fantastic! The night ended with some card games back at the house and some interesting games we each knew including zimmy, the shoulder game, and thumper. Too long to explain those!
The next day was the day of our departure and it was very somber because we didn't really want vacation to end and the other girls were totally determined to just switch out of the French program and just become and art student in Ireland. So we flew back to France and didn't end up getting back till much later at night. We had way too much fun and can't wait to go back there at some point! This concludes my Ireland adventure! Sorry there wasn't any French to let you all learn, but as I was in an English speaking country, it was difficult to find French things! Miss you all and a bientot pour la prochaine jour!