Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Six

Jour six. So we are almost at a week in France, I can't believe it!! Today was pretty chill and I ate some more delicious food haha. So some highlights of the day:

1) Ate an amaaaazingly tasty sandwhich from the boulangerie down the street; it had mozerella, roasted red peppers, olive oil, some kind of pork or ham... i still don't really know, lettuce, tomato, and a tar-tar sauce. simply delicious!
2) Bought some nice post cards and bought some stamps.... I have to lick them in order for them to stick haha, old school!
3) Went to lunch at a little asian restaurant where I had a spring roll and some cantonese rice. Not too shabby!
4) Went into the boulangerie next door to the asian restaurant and bought the most delicious three layered chocolate mousse cake. Heaaaveeennnn!Oh mon Dieu!!
5) Went window shopping, or lécher les vitrines en français (literally to lick the windows... haha weird)Almost bought a really cute pair of red velvet flats with a silver buckle, buuuuut they didn't have any left... malheureusement. Must be a sign to not spend my money :P
6) Spent some time taking pictures of the most beautiful sunset while eating my chocolate mousse cake. Truly an amazzzziinngg boost to my day!

So some fun facts about the French here:
1) They love scarves. And I mean love them. They will wear two if they really want and they still look like they just happened to have stepped off the runway. I want a new puffy scarf.
2) They are very, genuinely nice people, but only if you make the first move to say hello and talk to them. So my thought is, how do the French make friends with each other if they don't like making the first move? It's quite confusing.
3) They can be extremely forward. And by forward I mean they do not mind being very upfront with you about something, not that it can be a bad thing. Sometimes they can go a little overboard like the intoxicated man who told us we eat too many crêpes. Hey drunky, casse-toi pov-con! And I will not translate that last one haha.
4) The French are also very helpful. They never turn you away when you ask for directions. Also always know gauche/left, droit/right, and toute droite/straight and you can make your way around France no problem.
5) Don't tip. If you do it's like your tipping them like 50% or more, and then they just think your crazy, or they were just really good, and they probabaly weren't haha. Not to mention they aren't like American waiters where they come over every 5 minutes and ask you how your meal is. Mealtime is their time to relax and talk with their family and friends so they probably don't want to be disturbed.

Well that's all for now! Get back to your microwave popcorn, and fluff (which the French do not have here) and a bientôt pour la jour prochaine!

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