Tuesday, February 2, 2010

going on week two!

Time is definitely flying! In the past week I had the majority of my new classes, and I took a wonderful trip to a little city called Saint Malo. It was freeeeezing there, and it was also "bizarre weather day" because not only was it snowing when i left, but it was sunny in a matter of an hour, then cloudy, then sleeting, then cloudy, then snow, and then amazingly blue skies. I know, I thought I left New England?? But the bus ride there was probably an hour long and I sat and stared out the window at the pretty country side most of the time. Once we got to Saint Malo it was extremely cold, snowing, and windy. Wonderful combination.
Our tour guide was this solid as a rock, 60 something, weathered skin, blonde lady. She seemed to have no problem with the fact that none of us could hear her over the wind and 50 some odd people who came on the bus. Also the cold didn't seem to affect her in any way, even though us youngsters were shivering uncontrollably against the cold. The city itself is GORGEOUS! It is a little walled in, "ville de corsaire" or pirate town, and the massive wall surrounding the place was used to keep out its invaders. They used to set dogs out at night during the time of the curfew so that people would be less likely to break their curfew. Also since the city is right on the coast there was a beautiful watch tower jutting out into the sea, and a very old lighthouse. Inside the city was a maze of tiny streets and very old architecture. During the morning it was not very lively, but as we moved on into the day the city came to life and it was really quite nice seeing all the townees with their shopping. We ended up going to a cute little crêperie and I got a delicious galette with cheese, tomato, bacon (or as they call it here lardons) and mushrooms. It was delish! After sitting in the little restaurant we didn't want to face the cold so we ended up running into the store across from it to do some shopping and I got some nice things including some gifts for the boyfriend, a new scarf and purse for myself (and mom because I know the purse will be confiscated at some point) and also some things for the parents. No I haven't sent them through the mail yet haha.
The French don't have sales year round like they do in the US,and thank God we came at this time because their sales, or "soldes", are going on until the 16th of February. I don't know how these stores stay in business year round because it is very hard to find anything we would consider cheap! But it's always nice to go around a corner and see a nice packed store with "SOLDES!" plastered on signs all over the store. So back to Saint Malo! We toured the city and ended up trying to follow around some singers who we were trying to listen to, and they ended up being this cute christian singing band that go around and sing about their beliefs and praising God. It was rather adorable. So at one point we ended up just sitting and watching them while they sang, and watched as crowds of people went by, some singing along. People watching in France is possibly the most fun I've ever had when it comes to staring obsessively haha. There are always dogs running around, always babies, and what seems like crowds of models who just flock the streets in their stylish outfits, and warm scarves. I've never seen such fashionistas! Not only the women here are fashionable; the kids are more stylish than me, no matter what age, and the men are always properly dressed with their matching scarves, and skinny jeans. I'm getting used to all the skinny people walking about, although it doesn't stop me from eating as much as I can!
Last night me and the girls were VERY healthy and made a whole wheat pasta with an amazing sauce! We put in green and red peppers, onions, spinach, lots of garlic, ground beef, tomatoes and sauce. It was fantastic!! I mean we ended up evening out the healthy for the non healthy by scarfing down baguette, brie and nutella while waiting for the meal, but still! Kudos to us for making a very healthy meal!
The days aren't really changing weather-wise, and I cannot wait until the Spring! The city of Rennes is beautiful even in the dreary wintertime, so I can't imagine when the trees start to blossom and flowers are spotted all over the town hall square. I've been thinking about going to church too. In a way it's been very interesting hearing about the religions here, and I'm kind of interested in just being in an old French cathédrale. I've been collecting everything French, so why not collect some religious value too? It will be interesting enough just hearing the prayers and sermons in French, and that way I will have to pay attention! We shall see!
Classes here are hard! I haven't had to pay attention in French class since High School so now I'm really hitting it hard and I have to focus one hundred times more than I would in any non-French class. I think my professors must think all Americans are just dumb because we are always picked on first to make sure they know we are understanding the topic at hand. I mean they are probably right because I look around and see a lot of dumbfounded faces a lot, and it's not just me thank goodness! I am REALLY glad we are refreshing our grammar because I don't remember a thing! It's pretty bad. I like my modern art class the best so far because the teacher is very easy on us and speaks in a slower manner than the younger professors. And she is just funny so it helps. I will update you all some more when I have taken all my classes but for now I think I should hit the books and actually do some hw! Say hello to the US for me! Au revoir, et a bientot pour la jour prochaine!

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